“BIG NINE, Let’s Go!” by Drinking Boys and Girls Choir

The folks at Damnably are doing yeoman’s work showcasing amazing new artists from East Asia – including South Korean guitar pop band Say Sue Me (a SOMETHINGGOOD favorite) and Japanese punk quartet Otoboke Beaver.

The London label also struck gold signing Drinking Boys and Girls Choir of Daegu, South Korea, and earlier this year, released their masterful self-titled debut. The trio — each of whom sing on the record, hence the “Choir” in their name — make earnest, ebullient songs that deftly weave together elements of skate punk, hardcore, power pop and indie rock.

A prime example of this intoxicating mixture is Drinking Boys and Girls Choir’s new single “BIG NINE, Let’s Go!” — an homage to their hometown released last week (via Damnably, of course). Check it out then go buy the self-titled record. Trust me on this.

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