“Too Long” by Ponytails

Vancouver indie rock quartet Ponytails are on a roll, raising their profile in recent months with a series of foot-tapping, jangly guitar pop singles — including Cherry Pie, which was a SOMETHINGGOOD Song of the Week back when that was a thing.

The newest track is called “Too Long,” and it shows a more tender side of Ponytails. The band provided a little context:

The song was inspired by the experience of passing someone by on the street that you once shared a life with. I feel like it’s close to something we’ve all experienced, so it felt good to write about.

I hope people can take away some healing from these kinds of experiences. For me the moments and memories of the past are so interesting because on the one hand, they can shape so much of who we are. On the other hand, at some point they take on a dream like quality that’s sometimes hard to believe. What’s important to know is that you can let go, while still keeping love in your heart. At least in this case!

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