Songs of the Week: April 12, 2019 edition

“Cattails” by Big Thief


Warm up your tear ducts: a new Big Thief album (U.F.O.F.) comes out May 3. “Cattails,” the latest single, has raised my expectations to Yeezus-level.

“Everybody Here Hates You” by Courtney Barnett

Milk! Records

Reigning best songwriter in the world Courtney Barnett has released a predictably-amazing new 12″ single in support of Record Store Day, which is tomorrow (April 13). Not sure if it’s new-new or an extra from her stellar 2018 album Tell Me How You Really Feel, but I want it.

“Renew” by Versing

Hardly Art

With the innovative video for their new single, Seattle band Versing shows that 360-degree cameras can be used for much more than making immersive pornography. “Renew” is from the forthcoming full-length 10000, due out May 3.

“The Art of Feeling” by Soccer Cousins

Gentle Reminder Records

Per Urban Dictionary, “Soccer Cousins” are “two females or males whom have had relations with the same male” — the thought being that playing with the same balls makes them related somehow.

What does this have to do with the New York indie rock trio Soccer Cousins? I don’t actually know, but they just put out a new song. It’s good.

“White Knuckle Wildflower” by Petite League

Scary Dumb

New York’s Petite League put out some of the most enjoyable guitar pop records in recent memory with baseball-themed trio SLUGGER (2015), NO HITTER (2016) and RIPS ONE INTO THE NIGHT (2017).

A fourth evidently is on the way (“White Knuckle Wildflower” is the first single), though no album title has been announced (unless I missed something, which is totally possible). Here’s a partial list of what I hope it might be:


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