“Last Dog On Earth” by Jimmy Montague

I’m dumb. Here I was in December, praising the debut LP from power pop dynamos Des Millions but completely oblivious to the fact that one of its founding members – Jimmy Montague – had released a more intimate (and equally-impressive) new album under his own name just one month earlier.

Montague’s solo record – Last Dog on Earth – is a compelling counterpart to Des Millions’ bombastic POWER in both style and substance. While the latter album is steeped in power chords and powerful choruses, on the stripped-down Last Dog on Earth, Montague lets his gentle acoustic guitar work carry the day.

The unyielding swagger and bravado that pulses through POWER is nowhere to be found on the new record. In its place is the feeling of uncertainty and vulnerability that’s become synonymous with living and loving in 21st century America. Check out the record below, and buy it on Bandcamp.

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