Songs of the Week: March 1, 2019 edition

Before diving into the Songs of the Week, I wanted to note that Milwaukee band The Bbys — featured in yesterday’s Hear This Now post — have just released their new EP The Sauce. I listened through for the first time this morning and it’s a huge step forward for the band musically. The year of hard work that went into it obviously was not in vain.

Go check out (or better yet, buy) the album on Bandcamp … after checking out the five Songs of the Week, of course.

“Fast Times” by Albert Hammond, Jr.

Red Bull Records

Albert Hammond, Jr. has yet to make a bad song as a solo artist. And he’s made a whole lot of songs at this point. “Fast Times,” a loosie(?) that came out just last week, is a pulsing track with Hammond’s trademark melodic-as-fuck guitar lines.

“Hard of Hearing” by Radical Face

Bear Machine Records

“Hard of Hearing,” the new single from indie pop artist Radical Face (AKA Ben Cooper), is incredibly moving — both in its audio and video formats. The Florida man was introspective when describing about the song (and the EP it’s pulled from) in a statement:

Therapy is an EP about aftermath. We often write about immediate experiences, but not so much about trying to make sense of what you’re left with. These new songs cover different aspects of this – doubt, guilt, acceptance – and the search for a new sense of normalcy after everything has changed.

“Hard of Hearing” is about the awkward middle period – that space where you don’t feel well at all, but you can outwardly function again. Through working with a therapist, I learned that you usually understand things long before you feel them, creating a sense of limbo. That limbo is where this song lives.

The Therapy EP comes out April 26.

“Soft Shape” by Empath

Get Better Records

There must be something in the wooter. I didn’t realize how many amazing indie bands call Philadelphia home until starting SOMETHINGGOOD in 2017, when I began paying closer attention to stuff like that. The latest Philly-based band to catch my ear is experimental noise pop ensemble Empath, whose album Active Listening: Night on Earth comes out April 2. The haunting new single “Soft Shape” has me marking my calendar.

“The Ride” by You Should Get To Know Us

Desert Mine Music / Liedjescollectief

I’m hooked on the debut album from this awkwardly-titled band from Nijmegen, The Netherlands, which bangs out catchy slacker rock tunes like they’re the Dutch Dandy Warhols or something. “The Ride” is the opening track from Hole In Whatever, released in January.

“Village” by Club Night

Tiny Engines

Oakland DIY collective Club Night is putting out their debut full-length next month, and it just got a bit more highly-anticipated in my book with release of the anthemic new single “Village.”What Life comes out April 5.

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