Songs of the Week: January 25, 2019 edition

2019 isn’t messing around. We’re only 25 days in and I count four new albums that probably would have cracked my top 20 list from last year:

    1. The self-titled and star-making debut from Toronto dream pop quartet Tallies;
    2. Deerhunter‘s annihilation-pondering pop turn Why Hasn’t Everything Already Disappeared?;
    3. Power Chords, Mike Krol‘s seething power pop opus (which dropped TODAY via Merge Records);
    4. and the (surprise) self-titled record from Better Oblivion Community Center, a new collaboration between God-level lyricists Conor Oberst and Phoebe Bridgers.

I’m also loving the newly-released self-titled EP from Teamonade — which makes a exciting, hook-heavy brand of indie rock that doesn’t really sound like anyone else right now.

There’s a bunch of cool records lined up for the next few months. One band that hasn’t made any formal announcements, but clearly is up to something, is those lovable weirdos of Man Man. Frontman Honus Honus rounded up (most of) the troops for a run of shows this month in California and has been Instagramming practices, recording sessions, setlist decisions and merch ideas for some time now.

Man Man has been on hiatus since 2013’s Oni Oni Pond, though to be honest, it didn’t really feel like a hiatus because of the tremendous output from the band’s guiding light Honus Honus (AKA Ryan Kattner). He released a delightful solo record, Use Your Delusion, in 2016, followed shortly thereafter by a second LP with his Mister Heavenly project with Nick Thorburn from Islands.

In celebration of Man Man’s return, I put together a career-spanning playlist with 16 of their most essential tunes, expertly sequenced by yours truly (FYI pretend “Rabbit Habits” is a hidden track). You can find it on the Playlist page, but AFTER checking out SOMETHINGGOOD’s latest Songs of the Week:

“Anata Watashi Daita Ato Yome No Meshi” by Otoboke Beaver


You don’t need Google Translate to appreciate the raw fury of Japanese garage punk band Otoboke Beaver. The quartet, supposedly named after a brothel, are putting our their new album ITEKOMA HITS in mid-March. They’re working with the good folks of Damnably, who also brought us guitar pop wizards Say Sue Me.

“Do & Die” by Teamonade


Teamonade, who I mentioned in the intro, released their eponymous EP earlier in the week and it’s amazing. “Do & Die,” with soaring choruses and a little genre-hopping, is a wonderful introduction to this Ohio trio.

“Falling Over” by K. H. mirth

Koff Records

Leicester, UK band K. H. mirth will introduce themselves to the world with the split release Falling Over/Say Yes, due out February 15. The band — which gives off those pleasant Talking Heads art-rock vibes — includes members of Thee Ludds and Earth Rod.

“Infinite Broken” by Burly

Five Kill Records

Troy, New York band BURLY put out their new EP Self Titled Demon today. I haven’t had the chance to listen in full, but lead single “Infinite Broken” – with a jazzy undercurrent and deadpan vocal delivery – gives me high hopes.

“Never Give Up” by Abjects

Yippee Ki Yay Records

Rambunctious and worldly indie trio Abjects – which is based in London, with members hailing from Spain, Japan and Italy – will release their debut LP Never Give Up on February 15. They shared the stellar title track earlier this month.

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