Songs of the Week: January 3, 2019 edition

“Everything About Everything” by Soccer Cousins

Gentle Reminder

Blog-wise, I did fuck all the past two weeks so I have a little catching up to do. The first Song of the Week for 2019 was actually released in the first week of December 2018, by New York indie rock trio Soccer Cousins. Per the band, it’s about “the pursuit of knowledge while realizing you’re behind the times.”

“Everything About Everything” follows the band’s debut EP Gosh and follow-up single “Lazy Bones,” also released last year via Baltimore-based label Gentle Reminder.

“It’s Horrible!!” by Kidlat

We’re Trying Records

With sad emo lyrics and a loose alt-rock vibe, Kidlat delivers the Pinegrove sound everyone loves without making you feel like a creep for listening to them. The Austin band provided the soundtrack for long stretches of my holiday commute with their first LP Gettin’ Pretty, released mid-December. It’s an impressive album — and one I wish they’d put out well before I finished SOMETHINGGOOD’s Albums of the Year post.

I’ve long loved bands with more than one lead vocalist, whether it’s the Beatles, Libertines, Swearin’ or (most recently) Dude York. There’s just something exciting and… economical to it. I don’t know. Kidlat also spreads vocal duties across the band to great effect — Getting’ Pretty‘s eight tracks breeze by, and nothing feels repetitious or forced.

While bassist Olivia DeBeck is the featured voice on second single “It’s Horrible!!,” guitarist (and fellow vocalist) Alex Villarreal took the lead in describing the track in a statement:

You know when someone asks you “how’s it going” and your reflex is to say “fine,” but you want to scream “it’s horrible!”? That’s the feeling of the track. Imposter Syndrome is something I connect with, and, I’m constantly worried someone will find out I’m faking my way through life.

“Lights Out” by Ocean Potion


The eponymous debut album from Toronto’s Ocean Potion, released last month, is the result of a burgeoning friendship. It’s a collaboration between Canadian artists Mike O’Brien and Jason Haberman, who met while touring with their respective bands Zeus and Yukon Blonde. They quickly bonded and shortly thereafter began an ambitious bedroom recording project that would turn into the multi-textured, hazy Ocean Potion.

“Lights Out” is the latest single, but I highly, highly recommend listening to the album from top to bottom.

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