Songs of the Week: November 16, 2018 edition

For the past month or so, the Songs of the Week have been accompanied by a playlist on some relevant theme. I like the latest one so much that it’s going up with a dedicated post on Monday. But don’t fret — there’s an amazing slate of new tracks to hold you over until then. Just keep scrolling down.

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“If You Are Waiting” by Mal Devisa


Massachusetts-based super-talent Mal Devisa (AKA Deja Carr) unleashed a musical flurry this week, headlined by the audacious LP Shade and the little Creature. “If You Are Waiting” is the stand-out track to me. You can buy the album, as well as new EPs Mystery Tsrain and ANIMAL EQUATION, on Bandcamp. That’s where I buy most of my stuff.

“Orange” by Moscow Apartment

Handsome Boy Records

Canadian twosome Moscow Apartment crushed the Canadian Songwriting Competition’s Under 18 category with their song “Orange.” They said it’s about the “weird twilight-zone feeling that happens sometimes at sunset – when things suddenly don’t feel real, like everything around you is a movie.” Moscow Apartment is currently working on their second EP.

“Precious Nonsense” by Oscar Tango


I never considered Toronto to be an indie hot spot, but since starting SOMETHINGGOOD last year, I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of new talent coming out of The Six. Oscar Tango is one such band and their 1970s-inspired single “Precious Nonsense” is glorious.

“So What?” by 36?

File Under: Music

This energetic, apathetically-titled track from Calgary’s 36? is kind of a downer. Per the band, it’s like when “someone tells a funny joke about how they hate themselves. You laugh, but you also know they are serious.”

“Something to Hide” by Frog

Audio Antihero

New York City duo Frog had a foolproof strategy for overcoming the dreaded sophomore slump: make a really good fucking album. The band’s second LP — Whatever We Probably Already Had It, which comes three years after Kind of Blah — shows a progression toward a more raw, live sound. The new album is scheduled for a November 30 release. “Something to Hide” is the lead single.

“Two Step” by Canary


I gave a shout-out to Toronto a bit earlier, so it’s only fair to pay tribute to Australia — which also seems to grow promising indie bands and songwriters in a lab somewhere. Australian quintet Canary are said to be ushering in a new style and sound with their forthcoming LP and if delightful, jittery new single “Two Step” is any indication (hint: it is), I like where they’re heading.

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