Songs of the Week: October 30, 2018 edition

Before we get to the Songs of the Week, I’d like to revel a bit in the announcement of a forthcoming new album from Cake. If you’re a long-time fan of the alt-rock pioneers (or just follow them on Twitter), you already know they are one of the most politically-active bands in music.

It should come as no surprise then that Cake’s first new song since 2011 is a sharp rebuke of the current Trump administration. The appropriately-titled “Sinking Ship” is the first in a series of singles leading up to a proper, as-yet-unannounced full-length LP and I’m particularly stoked because the song is GOOOOOOOOOD.

“Sinking Ship” also inspired me to compile a playlist of Cake’s essential (to me) songs, which you can find on SOMETHINGGOOD’s new “Playlists” page. That’s where the playlists go. But do that after hearing the Songs of the Week, below.

“Little Drama” by Mike Krol

Merge Records

The blistering new single from Mike Krol is a show-stopper. It’s from the forthcoming LP Power Chords, which traces the L.A.-based artist’s journey back to punk rock. The album comes out January 25. A little background from his label:

Music ruined Krol’s life. And then saved it. In chronicling that process, Krol has made his best record—painful, voyeuristic, and angry, but ultimately transcendent and timeless. It is the sound of Krol giving in to a force greater than himself, as though the chords are playing him rather than the other way around.

“Mother” by Tallies

Hand Drawn Dracula

“Mother” came out earlier this year but clearly blew past my oft-malfunctioning radar. It finally came to my attention in the lead-up to Toronto quartet Talliessecond single, out now. The new song is good, but “Mother” is something special — an enchanting guitar pop tune with brilliant Smiths-like guitar lines. A band to watch.

“Mute” by Club Night

Tiny Engines

Club Night‘s Hell Ya EP was one of the most interesting debuts of 2017. With a proper first LP coming in early 2019, we’re going to find out what the Oakland DIY collective can do with a little room to stretch. Last week, Club Night put out a digital 45 with the first tracks from What Life: “Mute” and “Trance.”

“Non Stop Paranoia” by Together Pangea

Nettwerk Music

Oh, what a difference a year makes. Together Pangea are pretty pissed off about the state of things in America and have channeled that energy into a new EP that’s much darker (and synth-ier) than the California band’s 2017 full-length, Bulls and Roosters. Title track “Non Stop Paranoia” is ferocious power-pop.

“Postpone” by Oxen


Stockholm band Oxen make precise and playful guitar pop reminiscent of Vampire Weekend and Phoenix. At least that’s the conclusion I drew after hearing their jangly new single “Postpone.” It’s got a funky groove to fuck to.

“Slob” by BILK

Legion Records

BILK is a teenage trio out of Essex, England mixing jagged guitar licks with smooth-flowing verses like it’s no big deal in new single “Slob.” Lead singer Sol Abraham got to the heart of the song in my absolute favorite band quote of the year:

“Slob is a reply to everyone who’s called me a do nothing and a dosser throughout my life. It’s like an acceptance of being a slob but also a bit of middle finger to the people who said I’d do nothing with my life just because I didn’t do well in GCSEs or go to uni or whatever. People only see one side of the story and that’s the smoking weed and sitting about watching tele side, no one sees the side where I’m working hard with my music and grinding at that and I wanted to kind of take out that frustration in a song where I’m just saying fuck it… I am a slob.”

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