Songs of the Week: October 15, 2018 edition

Welcome to the October 15 edition of the Songs of the Week. It’s admittedly a paltry offering — just three songs long, half of what I shoot for with these Monday postings. Honestly, I just haven’t had my ear to the ground. I saw Swearin’ last week at D.C.’s Black Cat, the first show after release of the newly-reformed band’s superb third album, Fall Into The Sun. Co-singers-songwriters Allison Crutchfield and Kyle Gilbride are no longer an item, but amazingly, their music is more cohesive and complementary than ever. Check out Pitchfork’s recent interview for background.

Since the Swearin’ show (which also featured Sheer Mag and The Number Ones), I’ve been listening to all things Crutchfield — Allison, of course, and her twin sister Katie AKA Waxahatchee. It hasn’t left me much time to seek out new tracks. My bad. But because I’m skimping on the new stuff, I’ve put together a Spotify playlist of my favorite tracks from the Crutchfield sisters’ various projects. You can listen to that AFTER checking out the Songs of the Week.

“Flirting With Her” by Sir Babygirl

Father/Daughter Records

As noted immediately above, Father/Daughter Records is putting out the first album from Sir Babygirl, the pseudonym of DIY pop artist/producer Kelsie Hogue. Her brand of unabashed, bubblegum queer pop draws inspiration from Charli XCX, Hole and even Hey Arnold. The album, Crush On Me, comes out February 15, 2019. “Flirting With Her” is the second single.

“Take Me Down” by Noble Bodies


Neon Trees drummer Elaine Bradley has a new project that’s actually an old project revisited and reinvigorated. Noble Bodies started in 2004 as Another Statistic. The band broke up in 2008, her other band Neon Trees took off soon after and everybody moved on — until 2016, when an impromptu jam session between Bradley and Another Statistic co-founder Bryce Taylor got the gears turning for a reunion under the new moniker.

“Take Me Down” is the band’s frantic, soaring new stand-alone single, which has a very disturbing music video. Trigger warning for anyone who’s ever been abducted, blindfolded, thrown in a van and — ah, I don’t want to spoil the ending. Good song.

“Where We Sink” by Girlpool

Anti- Records

Last week, Girlpool dropped an impressive pair of singles — shedding light on their creative direction after the transition from duo to full-fledged indie band, as well as the success of the breakthrough 2017 album Powerplant. Girlpool’s Harmony Tividad explained “Where We Sink,” one of the new singles (along with “Lucy’s”) in a press release:

It’s about loving someone who you don’t really have the chance to get to know fully because their time is spent trying to get out of their head, further from reality. It explores the complications of trying to get close to someone who ultimately wants to be far from themselves.”

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