Songs of the Week: September 17, 2018 edition

Programming note: the “Songs of the Week” list will be posted on Mondays moving forward.

“Coolest” by Colyn Cameron

Vagrant Records

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Colyn Cameron is dropping his debut solo debut Sad & Easy on October 12. I’ve (admittedly) never heard of him, but lead single “Coolest” — with its raw vocals and reverb drenched guitars — immediately caught my attention on first listen. Per his label, the song’s an exploration of the nature of addiction.

“New Hair” by Strange Ranger

Tiny Engines

Strange Ranger‘s upcoming EP How It All Went By is being billed as the Portland post-punk outfit’s most “radio-ready” album yet. I think that’s a bit of a disservice, though, because radio, generally, is unlistenable and lead single “New Hair” is very, very good. The album comes out October 12.

“Shady Lane” by The Bandicoots


There’s an interesting, completely-plausible story behind Canadian indie band The Bandicoots‘ catchy new single “Shady Lane, which — if I’m being honest — is the kind of song I was hoping to hear on Arctic Monkeys’ latest record. From the band:

A few weeks ago we hitchhiked back to the 70s. This guy named David Robert Jones was our chauffeur. On the way there Jones lit a cigarette. He let his shades fall onto the tip of his nose, said he was going to show us something the people of the 70s would never understand. Jones flicked on the radio, this song was playing.

“Listen close, boys,” Jones said. “Bring this song to the people of 2018. This song will change everything. The whole universe depends on it.” When we got home, we recorded that very song. We called it “Shady Lane.”

If I went to the 70s, I probably wouldn’t come back.

“She Goes Her Own Way” by No Violet

Leisure Records

I’m a huge fan of the new single from Bristol four-piece No Violet, a tense, psychedelia-inspired track called “She Goes Her Own Way.” It comes from the band’s debut EP Faces, which came out last week on September 14.

“Untitled (LA)” by Swearin’

Merge Records

Another week, another Crutchfield sister makes my list. Last week it was a cut from Katie Crutchfield AKA Waxahatchee’s folk-inspired EP Great Thunder. This week it’s Allison Crutchfield and a song from her amazing band Swearin’s forthcoming debut full-length Fall into the Sun, due out October 5. Can’t wait to see them co-headline D.C.’s Black Cat with Sheer Mag (the loudest band I’ve ever heard live) on October 9.

“White Noise” by Antarctigo Vespucci

Polyvinyl Records

Antarctigo Vespucci is back! The indie-punk super-duo combining the talents of Jeff Rosenstock (Bomb the Music Industry!) and Chris Farren (Fake Problems) just put out the first single to Love in the Time of E​-​Mail, due out October 26, and it’s just about perfect. The album is AV’s first since Leavin’ La Vida Loca. In the intervening time, both artists have launched successful solo careers.

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