Songs of the Week: August 24, 2018 edition

Thanks for checking out SOMETHINGGOOD’s Songs of the Week for August 24, 2018. I’m going to cut to the chase and get right to this week’s six featured tracks.

“Cherry Pie” by Ponytails


The music video for Vancouver-based Ponytails’ disarmingly sweet guitar pop track “Cherry Pie” is an ode to best-friendship. It’s also one of the strangest and most oddly compelling music videos I’ve seen in a while. It comes from the band’s Darlings extended-play, put out last week, which kicked off a series of EPs that will culminate with the Spring 2019 release of Ponytails’ first full-length record.

“Four Years” by Cullen Omori

Sub Pop

I loved Cullen Omori before I knew his name was Cullen Omori, when he was simply (to me) the singer from indie rock outfit Smith Westerns. His second solo LP after the band’s dissolution, newly-released The Diet, is a much more confident record than 2016’s New Misery – with Omori clearly more comfortable packaging his wide-ranging influences into something that faithfully represents him as an artist. There’s almost a George Harrison quality to many of the tracks, including the second entry on this week’s list, album-opener “Four Years.”

“Fuckin ‘n’ Rollin” by Phantastic Ferniture

Polyvinyl Records

The Aussie Invasion is real, y’all. The latest export from the Land Down Under (which seemingly has an endless supply of exciting new artists) is Phantastic Ferniture. The Polyvinyl-signed project brings together three long-time friends and musicians who desperately needed a break from their meticulously crafted solo work. The project’s self-titled debut, which came out last month, is the sound of a band having fun and living the dream many of us had at a young age (until some of us realized we have no actual musical talent). “Fuckin ‘n’ Rollin” is the album’s thrilling lead single.

“Get Out Somehow” by An Horse


Australian duo An Horse put out a killer debut in 2008 (Rearrange Beds), a very good follow-up a few years later (2011’s Walls) and then seemingly disappeared. That is until recently, when the band reentered our collective consciousness with the pounding comeback single “Get Out Somehow,” which shows the two-piece A) hasn’t lost a step and B) has been paying attention to the general direction of indie rock over the past decade. Here’s hoping for a full comeback album.

“Johnny Dangerously” by Milkmen

Know Hope Records

Milkmen are an indie rock trio out of the New Brunswick, New Jersey underground scene. The band recently signed to Know Hope Records, which is putting out a remastered/remixed version of the band’s 2015 debut – which is a prelude to the their next LP, due out in 2019. Raucous new single “Johnny Dangerously” has certainly piqued my interest.

“Terrible Feelings!” by Benjamin Shaw

Audio Antihero | Kirigirisu Recordings

“Terrible Feelings” is the meticulously-crafted, fuzz-folky lead single to Megadead, the forthcoming record from experimental artist Benjamin Shaw. It comes out August 31 via Audio Antihero. On it, the Canadian-born, Blackpool-raised and Australia-residing artist deftly combines looping guitars, brittle melodies, 1980s synths, self-doubt and uncertain swagger into something uniquely his own. It’s one to watch out for.