Songs of the Week: August 17, 2018 edition

SOMETHINGGOOD, the very blog you’re reading now, spent its first birthday in a cone of silence while I diverted attention to more pressing matters. With all of life’s problems now solved, the blog is back – but not without some needed improvements. Most notably, there will be no more daily Song of the Day posts. I want to spend more time listening to music, creating (better) content and engaging people online; and less time formatting blog and social media posts.

So with this in mind, I’ve started a weekly column – creatively titled “Songs of the Week” – that will feature my favorite new tracks, albums and artists. This debut edition features six independent artists from around the world. Listen to and read about them below. Let me know what you think via Twitter or Facebook, and if you like the article, share with a friend.

“All Night Baby” by The Velveteins

Fierce Panda Canada / Handwritten Records

The Velveteins‘ dreamy “All Night Baby” was released last year and flew by my radar. Luckily it’s making the rounds again thanks to a charming new music video directed by friend-of-the-band Henry Acteson, which makes excellent use of vintage camera technology. “All Night Baby” is from 2017’s Slow Wave.

“Ginger Ale” by Falcon Jane

Darling Recordings

Falcon Jane‘s “Ginger Ale” has extremely sad lyrics but it’s not a “sad song” — the accompanying music, with its floating melody and sweet guitar sound, is just too damn delightful. “Ginger Ale” is from the Toronto band’s consistently-great album Feelin’ Freaky, which came out earlier this month. If you like the song, definitely listen to the entire record. I’m a fan.

“Revival Pioneer” by Slushy Guts

CUSP Recordings

CUSP Recordings reached out in June with the opportunity to premiere the (excellent) new album from London’s Slushy Guts. I didn’t see the e-mail until August and now feel pretty shitty, particularly because the record is gooooooooood. The Blasted Stump is the first release from Glasgow-based CUSP. The low-key, guitar-driven “Revival Pioneer” is one of my favorite tracks from it.

“Seventeen” by Haley Blais


Haley Blais pays tribute to her painfully average adolescence on the new single “Seventeen,” from the YouTube star-turned-solo folk artist’s Let Yourself Go EP. I’ll let Haley take it from here:

“Everyone goes through different phases growing up, trying to figure themselves out, and mine could easily be categorized as boring. I was lazy and dull with awful taste in music. Now, I’m in a band with my friends touring the country, playing the music that I love – as a job! That’s the opposite of boring to me.”

“Softboy Rock” by The Band Ice Cream

Urban Scandal Records

The Band Ice Cream landed on my favorite albums list with last year’s Classically Trained. Their quick-turn follow-up, Numbskull, is a culmination of everything the scuzzy San Francisco rockers learned over the past year recording, releasing and touring that (killer) debut record. Numbskull‘s lead single and opening track “Softboy Rock” is a punch in the face.

“Wash Over Me” by Bear Grass

FiveKill Records

Fans of Soccer Mommy, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker (like me!) are well advised to check out LEFT, the sophomore release from Troy, New York-based indie band Bear Grass. Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Katie Hammon is the driving force here — propelling the project with her sultry vocals and subtle, dark lyricism.