“Floating Girl” by SIDCA

SOMETHINGGOOD is all about sharing new music and it doesn’t get any newer than today’s SOTD. I’m happy to premiere an explosive track from our friends at SIDCA — the Scottish experimental band whose latest LP, the sublime Jizz Crate, came out in March. You might remember SIDCA from our recent Q&A, in which I asked the question on everyone’s mind: What the hell is a jizz crate?

The band is now working on their next record, which is based on a short story called “The Low Tone” — written by SIDCA’s David Farhquar — about a guy who drunkenly buys a distortion pedal on eBay which opens a portal to another dimension. Today’s featured song, “Floating Girl,” is the first track shared from the forthcoming album, to be released via Sharted Jeggings.

Farhquar’s bandmate, Craig Pert, provided some context via e-mail: “The song is going to be on the first side, where the band get steaming at a gig, fall out with a blogger, and get lured toward temptation by a Nico-esque chanteuse/siren. Hence it’s a wee bit out of character.”

Think you have what it takes to provide said Nico-esque chanteuse/siren vocals? That band wants to hear from you. Reach out to Sharted Jeggings via Twitter.