Brian Ishiba -- How it Goes

“Down to Nothing” by Brian Ishiba

Today’s Song of the Day comes all the way from Tokyo, the city that Brian Ishiba now calls home after relocating from the Los Angeles suburbs. His delightful new EP, How It Goes, is a portrait of the indie/bedroom pop artist as he prepared for the life-changing move.

Ishiba explained: “These songs are little episodes in my life over the course of the past six months. They’re about feeling lost and dealing with my fears about the future. They’re about accepting the things in life you can’t change. They’re me whining to myself. They’re about saying goodbye.”

How It Goes was written, recorded, produced and engineered by Ishiba, who played all of the instruments as well. Album cut “Down to Nothing” is today’s SOTD. For further listening, check out the lead single and title track “How It Goes.”