Freedom Baby -- How You'll Grow

“The Stranger” by Freedom Baby

SOMETHINGGOOD was on hiatus through much of March, so hopefully someone else reminded you to pick up the debut EP from Toronto nine-piece Freedom Baby, which came out mid-month. The orchestral indie group’s complex, massive sound reminds of Sufjan Stevens, Beirut and early Arcade Fire.

I loved the soaring lead single — “When We Go,” a previous Song of the Day — so I’m thrilled that the same level of artistry and care seemingly went into crafting the other four tracks on How You’ll Grow. Today’s SOTD is the record’s third track, ‘The Stranger.”

P.S. The band just released an epic, 14-minute space rock opera called “I Want To Give.” I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet, but check it out via this nice write-up on The 405.