Abstract Typography -- Charmed Ridge

“Charmed Ridge” by Abstract Typography

Lead guitarists tend to have the best side projects because even if all else fails, the guitar parts will be interesting — but if everything clicks, as it does with today’s Song of the Day, it’s usually something special.

Bath, England-based Abstract Typography is the lo-fi, DIY project of Stan Bull, who by day plays guitar in the band Confectionery but for this new solo effort handles guitar, bass and vocal duties. “Charmed Ridge” is Abstract Typography’s second single, following last year’s “Grasp the Nettle.” Both songs will appear on an EP due out sometime in 2018, the details of which are forthcoming.

Bull discussed the latest track in a press statement:

“I wrote the music for ‘Charmed Ridge’ whilst I was living in Cardiff in 2015, attending university. It was intended for Confectionery, but I liked it too much to completely discard it. The lyrics came a lot later, which mainly focus on the cruel passage of time and how we all become more and more self-critical until we can no longer bear to hear it.”

Give it a listen below: