The Hidden Shelf -- Mia

“Defeatist” by The Hidden Shelf

Remember Minji Kong? She graciously gave some A’s to Q’s in the very first GOODQUESTIONS feature several months back. At the time, she had just released her first EP I Guess.

Now Kong’s back with The Hidden Shelf, a new project she described in a message to followers on Bandcamp:

“The Hidden Shelf is a solo musical project I am working on. The reason behind the name is because I have yet to share my work so far with most of my close friends. I don’t care if they manage to find them at one point, but when they do, I hope for the experience to feel like they’ve found, at the least, an okay book or an artwork or what have you from a ‘hidden shelf’ in a corner.”

Our Song of the Day, “Defeatist,” is from the newly-released EP Cut It Short A Year Ago. Check it out: