Anna McClellan -- Yes and No

“Heart of Hearts” by Anna McClellan

Next month, the wonderful folks at Father/Daughter Records (Diet Cig, Shamir) are bringing us the second LP from folk-pop artist Anna McClellan, an Omaha native now working out of New York City. She described the album — called Yes and No, born out of a solo road trip taken from McClellan’s hometown to her current locale in a press statement:

“This record is ultimately about women and the ways in which we love men. It is the byproduct of me healing my need for male validation, or rather not letting male validation control my choices. The one thing I keep taking away from life through all the shuffle is that there is always both. Intense happiness and intense sadness mingle. The longer I’m alive, the more I can’t feel one without the other. It is the crushing beauty of existing.”

The album comes out February 23 (pre-order it on beautiful black vinyl here). The single “Heart of Hearts” is our Song of the Day.