Austra -- Change the Pradigm

“Change The Paradigm” by Austra

Canadian synth-pop outfit Austra put out their critically-lauded debut LP Future Politics in January. To end the year in style, the band has just released a B-side from the record — “Change the Paradigm,” our Song of the Day — which singer Katie Stelmanis discussed in a statement:

“I wish “Change the Paradigm” had made it onto the record because it directly embodies what I wanted to express on Future Politics — that the most powerful tool we possess for creating a better world is our own imagination.

“Future Politics was written in a much different climate than what we have today. It’s been difficult to stay positive, but for me the possibility of what lies ahead is not only a weapon of potential, but a source of comfort and faith. We have to believe in the future and our own power to invent it now more than ever!”