Holy Gasp -- Beat Wave

“Beat Wave” by The Holy Gasp

Love will make you do weird things. After his divorce, Benjamin Hackman — Toronto artist and frontman of The Holy Gasp — wrote one of the weirdest, and most whimsical, tracks of 2017. “Beat Wave” is our Song of the Day.

It’s the first single from The Holy Gasp’s forthcoming LP, which is scheduled for an early 2018 release. The manic “Beat Wave” features 17 players, including Karen Ng, Jessica Upton-Crowe, Nixon Boyd and several other musicians from the booming Toronto scene.

In a press statement released with “Beat Wave,” Hackman spoke candidly about the dissolution of his marriage:

“When my wife and I split up, I needed to make an extreme lifestyle change. I moved out to Toronto Island and started work on a new record. I started with Beat Wave. I was real depressed at the time. And real lonely, too. Most days I couldn’t get out of bed. I’d lay there on my stinked-up sheets, weeping… wishing for my old life back… They were dark days indeed. I needed to write it out, to laugh at myself, and to take the edge off and find a way to cheer myself up.

“Divorce shocks the system bad, you know. It makes you ask a whole lotta questions about how you’re gonna live your life and who you’re gonna be in your post-married world. You set out to build a future with someone, and when you call it quits on a marriage, you call it quits on that future, too. So you gotta rewrite yourself entirely.”

Listen to “Beat Wave” by The Holy Gasp below: