Ty Segall -- My Lady's On Fire

“My Lady’s On Fire” by Ty Segall

You know who’s having a really good 2017? California’s Ty Segall is having a really good (and productive) 2017. In the 10 months and change so far, he’s put out a dynamite self-titled LP; Sentimental Goblin, a two-song extended-play; and an ACLU-benefiting EP called Fried Shallots … oh, there’s more … which were followed by a color-coded singles series that began in September with “Alta,” and continued with October’s “Meaning.”

The third in this single series of undetermined length — “Ty Segall and the Prisoner of Azkaban” if you will — might be my favorite track from across the artist’s entire 2017 catalog (which you can’t find on Spotify or Apple Music).

“My Lady’s On Fire” is a sweet, swaying little guitar jam — until it metamorphosizes into the feel-good saxophone jam of year. It’s our Song of the Day.