First things first: SOMETHINGGOOD is a 100-percent independent blog/website. I feel like that should be made clear when penning the first article in a new series called “I Love This Record” (we’re looking for contributors, by the way). Full disclosure: SOMETHINGGOOD was given access to an advance stream of the album discussed below. 

Straight outta Glasgow, indie five-piece Spinning Coin just put out one of the year’s finest guitar pop records — Permo — via The Pastels’ Domino imprint Geographic Music. I love this record.

Permo‘s a relatively long album for 2017 (14 tracks, 39 min.), but it never drags largely because of Spinning Coin’s supremely-complementary dual-singer/songwriter dynamic — which sets Sean Armstrong’s dreamy, California vibes against the more jagged, abrasive tendencies of his bandmate Jack Mellin (who I compared favorably to Joe Strummer in a recent Song of the Day post for Permo‘s “Money is a Drug”).

Spinning Coin -- Permo

There’s always something special about musical groups with multiple strong voices both literally and creatively. These units easily could split into two (or more) separate, great bands — but they don’t (or haven’t yet), and the resulting  rotation of styles and singers usually results in something undeniably special.

The Beatles are maybe the most famous example of such a multi-lead band, but Spinning Coin’s specific dreamy/jagged dynamic is more reminiscent of fellow Glaswegians Teenage Fanclub (who Spinning Coin have supported on tour), Dr. Dog or The Libertines.

And the dynamic plays out spectacularly on Permo, particularly with the sequencing: for instance Mellin’s fierce, accusatory “Sides” whips into a frenzy, with respite coming in the form of Armstrong’s breezy “Sleepless,” also a former SOMETHINGGOOD Song of the Day. The album twists and turns this way throughout, and as a result, it never bores.

So what’s the common denominator here? Guitars. Sweet, sweet guitars. They’re also  courtesy of Spinning Coin’s songwriting duo and they come in all shapes in sizes on Permo. Remarkably, all 14 songs have an interesting guitar parts, which dramatically ups the number of repeat listens.

Signature track

The video for “Money for Breakfast,” a sugary-sweet Sean Armstrong joint, was released in celebration of Permo‘s November 10 release. It was filmed in Tynemouth, England while Spinning Coin was on tour.

Joining Armstrong and Mellin in Spinning Coin are Cal Donnelly (bass), Rachel Taylor (vocals on the album/vocals and keyboard live) and Chris White (drums). Permo was recorded with Edwyn Collins at his AED Studios, and at Glasgow’s Green Door Studio with Stu Evans.

You can find Permo in all the regular places and buy a vinyl copy (like me) at the Dom Mart.