Public Access TV

“Metrotech” by Public Access TV

The first time SOMETHINGGOOD featured Public Access TV, information on the New York-based quartet was somewhat limited (or maybe I just lazily looked in the wrong places). But now, with a stellar new single out in the world — and their sophomore LP Street Safari on the way — there’s much to write about.

A quick primer: the four members of Public Access TV (John Eatherly, Xan Aird, Max Peebles and Pete Star) are a group of friends that dropped out of high school together, caught a bus to New York City and started the band in 2014. What followed was equal parts pleasure and pain: industry hype, label bidding wars, a heralded debut LP and sold-out tours — all the while the band contended with addiction, recovery programs, brawls (mostly amongst each other), life-altering explosions and car crashes. Seriously.

Street Safari documents this tumultuous time for the band, as Eatherly explained in a press statement:

“I think it’s a cop-out to say that this is our mature album, or whatever cliché thing it is that bands say about their second album. There was no spiritual awakening or come-to-Jesus moment. We’re four young guys trying to figure our lives out, be good people, and a lot of the time find ourselves coming up short. Expressing this through songwriting is the challenge and I can only hope the deliverance.”

The album comes out in February 2018. Listen to the funk-fueled first single — “Metrotech,” our Song of the Day — below.