Phobophobes -- Chucetta

“Chucetta” by Phobophobes

Today’s featured track is from a band whose name I’m unable to type fluidly — Phobophobes (which is a killer name nonetheless) — a London-based six-piece repping Ra-Ra Rok Records. The song is “Chucetta.” It’s the B-side to the band’s single “Where Is My Owner,” which (per DIY) is the first release from a forthcoming full-length.

Could I have gone with the single? Absolutely. But “Chucetta” is a haunting masterpiece — a song that’s Doors-ian in the best ways: a sprawling landscape with room to breathe, hypnotic organ/keyboard parts and a great rock and roll growl (with Phobophobes’ Jamie Taylor playing the part of Jim Morrison). I also compare the song to 1990s gem (and one of my favorites of the decade) “A Girl Like You” by Edwyn Collins.

Listen for yourself below.