Hockey Dad -- Homely Feeling

“Homely Feeling” by Hockey Dad

Australian surf pop twosome Hockey Dad have announced the follow-up to their impressive 2016 debut LP Boronia. It’s called Blend Inn and will be released in 2018 under the Kanine Records banner. The band discussed lead single “Homely Feeling” — our Song of the Day — with Consequence of Sound:

“This whole album was a bit of a haze, but the one thing that I remember is that we had a good feeling about this song from the start. We had a few spontaneous ideas and were both amping on it hell hard. Whenever that happens we tend to keep running with it until the whole thing all just falls into place. In a way the lyrics reflect on trying to find that feeling all the time, and we’re always comfortable when we’re back home. This one’s for when you’re surrounded by heaps of people and kinda freaking out. Whenever you’re heaps off it and just wanna be back home.”