Wullae Wright -- COGs

“Hate Machine” by Wullae Wright

Today’s featured song — “Hate Machine” by Wullae Wright — is as intense as the title suggests, steadily building from a single pulsating guitar to feverish rock frenzy. It’s from the UK-based artist’s latest LP COGs, a dynamic 12-track album released earlier this month.

In a recent interview with NataliezWorld, Wright provided some insight on the album title’s proper pronunciation (and in doing so touched on some dominant themes in our Song of the Day):

“COGs is quite literally the word “cogs” capitalized to give it more emphasis, and is about cogs that make a machine operate. COGs refers to me as a machine, made of mechanisms. There are consistent mentions of the hate machine, a metaphor for that devil on your shoulder, or alter ego. It is about the mask people wear to survive in this world. I am sure most people can relate to that on some level.”

Listen to “Hate Machine” below. Buy COGs via Bandcamp.