The Rentals -- Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad

“Elon Musk is Making Me Sad” by The Rentals

Matt Sharp has a special place in my heart for his never-to-be-understated contributions to Weezer’s classic first two records before leaving the band in 1998. The fact that he’s continued making such intriguing music — under his own name and, more prominently, as leader of The Rentals — always leaves me wondering what might have been.

The last we heard from Sharp was Lost in Alphaville, his 2014 album released with a reactivated Rentals line-up. Until now, that is.

According to Stereogum, Sharp has been working on new (sci-fi-themed!) music after the recent death of his father. The first taste is a seven-minute power-pop jam called “Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad,” which has been named our Song of the Day. It features guitars from Yeah Yeah Yeahs member Nick Zinner.