Wild Beasts -- Punk Drunk and Trembling

“Punk Drunk and Trembling” by Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts are no more. The English indie rock quartet called it quits last month after a 16-year run that included five stellar LPs (all released under the Domino Recording Co. banner). In a joint statement, the band said they were “caretakers to something precious and don’t want to have it diminish” as each of them move forward in life.

Today’s featured song — “Punk Drunk and Trembling” — is an undiscovered gem from Wild Beasts’ Boy King recording sessions and the centerpiece of a forthcoming “farewell” EP. Available October 20, the record is rounded out with two tracks that — until now — were only available on Boy King‘s deluxe vinyl version. Listen to “Punk Drunk and Trembling” below.