Gabriel Black -- freedom

“Freedom” by Gabriel Black

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day, a global initiative to raise awareness for mental health issues, as well as destigmatize them. Scrolling through Twitter on October 10, two things became quite apparent: 1) A LOT of people are struggling with their mental health (an overwhelming number of whom shared their personal stories online), and 2) there are A LOT of people and organizations out there that want to — and can — help someone in need.

This leads me to the artist behind today’s featured song, the supremely-talented Gabriel Black, whose music — a stunning fusion of rap bars and guitars laced with self-depreciation and youthful angst — has become a forum for frank discussions about mental health, suicide glorification and nihilism. When fans began messaging Black with stories of how his music helped them, the artist pried open the lines of communication further — even putting his cell phone number online so they could contact him privately if necessary.

Black discussed his music, as well as the strong reaction from fans, in a press statement:

“I’m just staying true to how I feel in the moment. Right now my songs come from a darker place. I didn’t think about other people at all honestly. I am honored that people have reacted the way they have and that has been the most beautiful thing. It has given me a purpose.”

“Freedom” is the outstanding new single from Gabriel Black. It’s also our Song of the Day.