Dude York -- Halftime for the Holidays

“Break Up Holiday” by Dude York

Dude York is putting out a Christmas record called Halftime for the Holidays and I’m somewhat conflicted.

I’ll just say it: holiday-themed albums can be pretty brutal in the wrong hands. But at the same time, Dude York — the Seattle-based trio that makes a thrilling, playful brand of pop-punk — might just be the PERFECT band to make a record like this.

The rollicking first single — “Break Up Holiday” — has me thinking that’s the case.  On it, bassist Claire England handles primary vocal duties and recounts a Christmastime “parting of the ways” before running through all possible scenarios for the immediate aftermath.

Halftime for the Holidays is Dude York’s second album in 2017, coming after the excellent February release Sincerely (one of my favorite records of the year — literally, I have it in beautiful pink vinyl). Listen to “Break Up Holiday” below.