Say Sue Me -- Good For Some Reason

“Good For Some Reason” by Say Sue Me

With a little luck (and some better time management from yours truly), we’ll be kicking off our SOMETHINGGOOD artist Q&A series (final name TBA) in the next few weeks. Hopefully this will be the first in a series of cool new features that will complement our daily “Song of the Day” offerings.

I’ve not (yet) reached out to them for an interview, but I’m very intrigued by Busan-based four-piece Say Sue Me, who make glorious, ebullient guitar pop. The band released their first album outside Korea — the self-titled Say Sue Me — earlier this year (“My Problem” was a Song of the Day in August), and have followed it up with a sunny new single, “Good For Some Reason,” which dips into some good old-fashioned shoegaze.

The band provided some background on the song via Bandcamp (where you also can buy it):

“We recorded this song for the 10th anniversary of our Korean label, Electric Muse but our western label Damnably will also make a vinyl version for their 11th birthday. It’s the first song we worked together on with our new drummer, Chang Won. I was struggling with some pessimistic thinking, which is a habit of mine, and I asked nobody in particular ‘Why am I doing this?’ He told me, ‘because it’s the easiest thing to do.’ For some reason that answer hurt my pride a little bit and I decided I didn’t want to be so negative anymore. Now whenever I feel sad, I make myself believe that things will get better somehow.”