Jachary -- There's A Virus Going On

“There’s A Virus Going On” by Jachary

I want to get in early and hype up New York-based artist Jachary, a 24-year-old quadruple-threat — singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist — with all the tools to be an indie superstar. Hell, he’s even got the right name for it.

Jachary self-released his latest album, the stellar EP There’s A Virus Going On, a few weeks back. Its eight genre-blending tracks show off the artist’s smooth vocals and manic creativity — often turning on a dime, always toward somewhere really interesting.

Check out the EP’s title track (and our Song of the Day) below. I get strongĀ Odelay-era Beck vibes — and that’s not a name I toss around lightly. Keep your eye on Jachary. Dude’s going to blow up, watch.