Exnations -- NeverAboutTheMoney

“Never About The Money” by EXNATIONS

“Never About The Money” is the new single from indie three-piece EXNATIONS, a Brooklyn-Baltimore connection that brings together artists Sal Mastrocola (vocals/guitar/synth), Dan Ciarrocchi (guitar) and Taylor Hughes (drums/synth).

It’s a long-distance relationship — Mastrocola lives in New York while his bandmates reside in Charm City, and all three recorded their parts for “Never About The Money” separately. But you wouldn’t know it from the song’s tight-knit sound.

Mastrocola discussed the band’s unique production process with Baltimore Media Blog:

“It’s a bit more contemplative and calculated than the spontaneous nature of getting everyone in the same room together. It gives your ideas time to develop individually on their own – and when you get stuck – you can just send it to your bandmates over the internet and see what sort of magic they can work with it.”

Listen to “Never About The Money,” our Song of the Day, below.