Curls -- Vante

“Emotion” by Curls

Christopher Owens has returned and this time he’s got backup. Curls is the latest project from the San Francisco-based singer-songwriter (and photographer) — whose musical resume includes three seminal releases as the driving force behind Girls (Album; Broken Dreams Club EP; Father, Son, Holy Ghost), which were followed by three diverse and enjoyable solo outings. Owens’ latest record was 2015’s Chrissybaby Forever.

Curls announced their forthcoming debut EP — called Vante — earlier this week, and also provided a tidy origin story for me to cut-and-paste:

Curls is a band formed from various recording sessions in the Bay Area. What started out as the next step in Christopher Owens’ storied solo career quickly became something more when he was joined by powerhouse musicians Cody Rhodes and Luke Baće while recording his next release. It immediately became apparent that a chemistry was felt and that each musician brought something unique to the musical canvas. By the end of the recording process the musicians had agreed to move forward as a unit and San Francisco’s Curls had officially began.

Today’s featured track, “Emotion,” is the first-shared track from Vante — due out November 7 via Urban Scandal Records. You can pre-order it (including 12″ vinyl) on the label’s website.

Christopher Owens is one of my favorite songwriters and musicians, so obviously I’m excited about Curls. He’s incredibly honest in his lyrics and has excellent musical sensibilities — liberally and deftly integrating his wide-ranging influences into his music. “Emotion” is a garage rock stand-out, built around a grand guitar riff reminiscent of The Velvet Underground’s “Sweet Jane.” Listen to it below.