Zola Jesus -- Okovi

“Siphon” by Zola Jesus

First we heard the pitch-black “Exhumed.” Then came “Soak,” sung from the perspective of a serial killer’s victim. Now “Siphon” — the third single for experimental artist Zola Jesus’ upcoming LP Okovi — has arrived and holy shit this album will be intense. It comes out September 8.

Nika Roza Danilova, who records as Zola Jesus, explained “Siphon” in a press statement:

“Initially, I was apprehensive about releasing ‘Siphon’ into the world. This song was not intended for public consumption. It was written for someone very close to me who had attempted suicide for the second time. In the weeks surrounding this tragedy, I desperately tried everything I could to convince them to stay alive. There is no greater horror than watching someone you love physically destroy themselves… not knowing if you would see them tomorrow. In the end, I decided this song needed to be heard, not only by this person, but by others as well.”

Okovi will be released on September 8.