Julia Louise -- Love Jail

“Brat” by Julia Louise

Our Song of the Day is from singer-songwriter Julia Louise, a Richmond, Virginia native who fronted the emo band Stay In before getting out to pursue a solo career. “Love Jail,” Louise’s debut album, comes out October 13 via No Sleep Records. It includes today’s featured song.

“Brat” is about “thinking your friends are kind and loyal and then they trample all over your heart for fun,” as Louise told Noisey. I personally like the very poetic take from the article’s author, Emma Garland, who wrote the song captures … “those micro-moments of fury where the memory of something lame someone did seizes your brain like the sensation of ice on sensitive teeth, and you inadvertently clench your fist or roll your eyes back in the mirror or kick something. Only it’s different, because it’s been turned into a bitchin’ fuck you anthem, which is extremely satisfying.”

Musically, “Brat’s” a gem. Noteworthy is the twangy lead guitar, which shines set against the song’s crashing cymbals and power pop thrash. And then there is Louise’s honest and empowered lyricism, putting some substance — and bite — behind those “fuck you’s.” Listen to the song below. Pre-order Love Jail via Bandcamp.