Psychic Markers -- Dreaming

“Dreaming” by Psychic Markers

We’re going international with today’s featured song, spotlighting the latest single from London dream pop outfit Psychic Markers — a five-piece that brings together musicians from other well-known local bands (Still Corners, My Sad Captains, Great Ytene and Grass House).

The aptly-titled “Dreaming” is a hazy, textured pop song with a lovely doo-wop flair. What is it about? The band covered that in a press statement:

“‘Dreaming’ is about life’s tos and fros, depicted through a cosmic lens. If you stare at yourself in the mirror too long you will ultimately end up at the same question… what am I doing? Sometimes it feels like your best bet is to down tools and sail off into oblivion, or perhaps just settle down on the moon.”