Prawn -- Run

“North Lynx” by Prawn

NPR’s Lars Gotrich compared much of “North Lynx” — the lead single from New Jersey-based Prawn’s upcoming LP Run — to an elephant stampede. It’s not quite what you’d expect from a song named after a stealthy wild cat (or a band called Prawn for that matter), but the riffs are nothing short of thunderous. And they sound even more powerful when juxtaposed with “North Lynx’s” sweet melodies.

Scheduled for a September 22 release, Run is Prawn’s third album for Topshelf Records. It continues the polished sound from their 2015 release Kingfisher, but eschews this predecessor LP’s use of complex bass/string arrangements — with the band instead opting for instruments that can be played during live shows.

Listen to “North Lynx” below.