Florist -- If Blue Could Be Happiness

“Glowing Brightly” by Florist

Despair is overwhelming in our Song of the Day, the beautiful “Glowing Brightly” by Brooklyn-based three-piece Florist. Its sound is sparse but impactful — with songwriter/frontwoman Emily Sprague speak-singing about personal grief over gentle guitar, minimal percussion and subtle synths.

The song’s palpable emotion is genuine — “Glowing Brightly” was composed at an extremely difficult time for Sprague. From an August 8 NPR Music article by Karen Gwee:

Sprague’s voice, sweet and clear, is tinged with melancholy here; she wrote the song while mourning her mother, who died in March. “Mom, I love you, I still hear your voice inside my sleep,” she sings.

“Glowing Brightly” is from the band’s forthcoming LP If Blue Could Be Happiness, due out September 29. Listen to the song below.