Widowspeak -- Expect the Best

“When I Tried” by Widowspeak

Today’s featured song is Widowspeak’s “When I Tried,” from the Brooklyn indie rock quartet’s upcoming LP Expect the Best (due out August 25). It has a fuzzy, shoegaze vibe, punctuated with some beautifully-distorted guitar work.

Widowspeak’s Molly Hamilton discussed the song with Stereogum:

“‘When I Tried’ is about when I was having a hard time starting things, or finishing them, maybe due to my own expectations of what it would turn into or maybe due to me doubting that I’d even be able to make it happen at all… I wasn’t sure what the motivation was anymore. Not specifically related to music, or creative work, but to everything. I wanted to get out and be social to take my mind off it, but I had a hard time keeping that up, too. It’s hard to keep up the effort of trying.”