FUR -- Not Enough

“Not Enough” by FUR

This is for all you lovers out there. It’s the new single from FUR — who are not to be confused with FUR, FUR, FUR, FUR, FUR, FURR, FURS, Fur, Furfur, Fura, Furi, FURY, Furozh or [Für]. Tweet @SMTHNGGOODMUSIC if someone’s been forgotten (and be sure to follow the account — we’ve got cool things in the pipeline, won’t blow up your timeline).

Getting back to this post’s obvious focus keyword… FUR is an indie rock band out of Brighton, England. Though their previous work shows them to be a somewhat-dreamy guitar pop/rock outfit, today’s Song of the Day — “Not Enough” — is a pure nostalgia, a striking homage to the very early days of rock and roll. It has a timeless quality (I figured it was a cover at first), and would sound great whether it’s in your “chillllllllllllllllll” playlist or at a hip homecoming dance.

Give it a listen below and definitely put the band on your radar. I’ll save you the hassle of trying to find them via Google: https://soundcloud.com/furfurfur