Girl Ray -- Earl Grey

“Don’t Go Back at Ten” by Girl Ray

Teenage “estrogen pop” trio Girl Ray (their words, not mine) initially caught our attention with a series of singles put out earlier in 2017. And following last week’s release of their gorgeous debut LP Earl Grey, it remains firmly in the Londoners’ grasp.

Today’s featured song, “Don’t Go Back at Ten,” is a revolving, guitar-driven tune about the power of friendship. Girl Ray’s guitarist/lead vocalist Poppy Hankin (whose voice hearkens back to Nico’s Velvet Underground days) explained:

“After a break-up I was super low, and as clichéd and teen-movie as it sounds, it was truly my friends who got me through it, making sure that I didn’t just mope about the whole time eating pots of cottage cheese and crying. I guess I wrote this one to cheer myself up in a way. Not many of the songs on the album are happy but this one is, kinda!”