Saint Pé -- Fixed Focus

“Southern Sunshine” by Saint Pé

Long-time SOMETHINGGOOD readers might remember Ian Saint Pé, whose “Kiss it Goodbye” was a Song of the Day in July. I try not to repeat artists too often (I’ve done it one other time, for Declan McKenna), but today’s featured song deserves the attention. And it’s particularly well-suited for such a lazy summer Saturday.

“Southern Sunshine” — from the former Black Lips guitarist’s debut solo album Fixed Focus — is in a completely different time zone than “Kiss it Goodbye,” which has a melodious California surf rock vibe. In contrast, “Southern Sunshine” is distinctly Nashvillian (it’s where Saint Pé self-recorded Fixed Focus, which was later mixed in New York City and mastered in Athens, Georgia). The song is an easy, breezy southern singalong with the artist delivering his vocal parts in a steady, deadpan drawl.

Rare is the guitarist-gone-solo that doesn’t make his guitar work a focal point, but here it’s very subtle — a moody steel guitar sound lying underneath most of “Southern Sunshine,” emerging to the fore only in the song’s final moments. It’s the perfect ingredient — bringing some emotional grounding to the big, drunken calls-and-responses and sweet guitar flourishes.

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