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“New Religion” by Gold Connections

For the Song of the Day, I’m going all the way back to March and the release of Gold Connections’ self-titled EP. It’s fitting because in a musical sense, the Song of the Day — “New Religion” — is something of a slow burner as well, with moody indie rock atmospherics building and eventually giving way to eruptive rock and roll over the course of five tense minutes.

Gold Connections is the project of Charlottesville, Virginia musician Will Marsh. He described “New Religion” to Stereogum:

“‘New Religion’ was written one dirty afternoon in a cramped off-campus apartment. I was reacting to anxiety and melancholy by melding images which characterize that psychological space. It’s a unique song in that I channel the nonsense stream in my head with very little filter. I usually have a vague narrative in mind when I begin writing, yet here I can only look back to assemble the story. ‘New Religion’ joins my repertoire in spirit rather than form — as the ecstatic affirmation of a broken situation.”

Bonus trivia: “New Religion” was produced by Car Seat Headrest’s Will Toledo.