Queen Moo -- Mean Well

“Gone” by Queen Moo

Hartford rockers Queen Moo will release their second LP Mean Well on August 25. According to singer/guitarist Jason Rule, the two years writing and recording this album marked an important transition for the band personally and professionally — which is reflected in “Gone,” the raucous lead single and our Song of the Day.

Rule discussed the track with Dork:

“‘Gone’ was one of the last tunes we worked on for this record. We wanted to share this one first because we feel it most accurately displays all the changes Queen Moo has gone through within the two year writing and recording process. We feel it’s the most proper summation of what we strive to do as a band.

“The song came to fruition after a realization that much of the emotional weight I carry is self-imposed and by allowing that baggage to shape my priorities I had detached myself from what makes me happy. Now, I try to not let the burdens eclipse the larger-picture goals.”