Cende -- #1 Hit Single

“What I Want” by Cende

I sat down to write-up a completely different song, but this one — “What I Want” by Cende — came up randomly on Spotify and it sort of blew me away. It was my first experience with the Brooklyn pop punks, and having now listened through the full 22-min. EP on which the song resides (#1 Hit Single), I think Cende is a band that should be on your radar (if it isn’t already — the EP came out in May so I’m clearly behind here).

“What I Want” is a sunny little power pop track with these infectious high-register vocal moments (some from Cende singer/guitarist Cameron Wisch; others from guest vocalist Greta Kline of Frankie Cosmos). I was getting heavy Miniature Tigers vibes. And then the sun explodes — in the form of a thrashing, crashing hard rock break-down around the 3:00 mark, with some furious guitar and drum work. It honestly caught me off guard. It’s fantastic. Listen below.