Soccer Mommy -- Collection

“Out Worn” by Soccer Mommy

Singer-songwriter Sophie Allison (as Soccer Mommy) will release an eight-track “mini-album” called Collection on August 4. The record is unique, consisting primarily of previously-released Soccer Mommy songs given new life with a full backing band now at Allison’s disposal. According to a Q&A she did with Stereogum, the songs aren’t mere reinterpretations — this is how they were meant to be.

Here’s a short excerpt from the interview (for reference: Songs For The Recently Sad and Songs From My Bedroom are Soccer Mommy EPs released in 2015 when Allison was 18):

“The songs off Songs For The Recently Sad were beefed up and the ones from Songs From My Bedroom were made to sound more indie-rock and less like chill, soft music just because I wasn’t recording the drums with a brush like I used to have to do because all I had was a TASCAM internal mic and it couldn’t be turned up that loud.

“I beefed it up to sound more like a rock album, which is kind of how I always imagined them being. I never wanted them to just be soft sad girl music, even though I do like that, which is why they ended up sounding like they did because that was the quality I could manage then. That’s the best way I could make them sound.”

Today’s song is “Out Worn,” from the upcoming Collection.