Saint Pé -- Fixed Focus

“Kiss It Goodbye” by Saint Pé

I’m pulling for Black Lips guitarist-gone-solo Ian Saint Pé, whose his debut record as Saint Pé — Fixed Focus — was released in April. The music is great (I’ll get to that), but he really won me over with one all-too-relatable response to a MySpace interview question, about his departure from the Black Lips:

“One thing you don’t get back is time. I enjoy everything I did over the past 10 years, but I’m almost 40 now. Where the fuck did that go? I don’t even remember half of those nights. They were obviously fun. I’ve got six or seven records to prove it. But if I do another 10 years, I’ll be almost 50. If I’m going to try take a step in another direction, like those Choose Your Own Adventure books, I’d better turn that page, man. You get a choice in life, and if you don’t turn that page, you’ll be stuck on page 38.”

“Kiss It Goodbye,” the lead single from Fixed Focus (and our Song is the Day), is a blast — with a sunny, guitar-driven garage rock sound and super catchy refrain. Give it a listen below.